We make decisions as a team and are jointly responsible for the success of our projects.

To ensure that we build products and services that provide real value to users, design thinking and human-centered design form the foundation of our work. Next to the user, measurable results and data drive our decisions.

The Bermuda Digital Studio Team

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Angelina Bader
Workund Student Product
Benedict Juretko
Chief Technology Officer
Carl-Hendrik Holthaus
Chief Product Officer
Carol Wei-Wanka
Workund Student Design
Christian Kemper
Fullstack Developer
Daniel Schachtsiek
Working Student Product
Dirk Lang
Geschäftsführer Enervolution
Dominik Riße
Product Manager Digital
Fabian Dahlke
Product Manager Digital
Isabel Miebach
Product Manager Digital
Jan Spiller
Working Student Product
Jana Hessling
Workund Student Social Media
Jeny Jamjian
UX Designerin
Joshua Pirrwitz
Product Manager Digital
Katharina Kohlhage
Working Student Product
Matthias Bätz
Chief Design Officer
Maren Lanzrath
Product Manager Digital
Nora Antoschowitz
Office Management
Philipp Schulte
UX Designer
Christian Polanski
Chief Digital Sales Officer
Salma Penelopé Parra Scholz
Working Student Product
Sarah Grenda
Chief Executive Officer (BDS) /
Studio Lead
Tom Nowak
Product Manager Digital
Veronika Demykina
Productmanager Digital

Eat, Build, Sleep, Repeat.

The Bermuda Digital Studio guides the entire product development process starting with ideation up to a launching a product. To ensure a lean process, we work in short sprints delivering shippable prototypes which we can test with real users in each stage.